As stylists, we’re only ever as good as our last job –
so we really have to make every job great!


Process for Stylists

Whether you’re starting out in the industry or are an original and just need a few pieces to supplement for a particular style or just for the variety – we are your “go to”. Our hire cart is simple to use, and takes you to the storefront so you can choose your furniture without having to schlepp around a warehouse! As always, please refer to our “Before You Hire Guide”, literally before you click hire

You will need to register for a trade account, and once you’ve been approved, or if you are a loyal stylist of ours, simply;

STEP 02.

When approved, click here to go to the storefront

STEP 03.

Enter your hire dates (to show availability)

STEP 04.

Start shopping – add items to your hire cart

STEP 05.

When you are finished, checkout online.

Finalising Your Order

Make sure you have added “Delivery & Collection” to your cart before checking out.

We’ll contact you within 24 business hours of receiving your booking to have a quick chat regarding your delivery dates etc. You’ll then receive your invoice for the balance of the order and insurance charge, and paperwork to sign. You must pay your invoice upon receipt to confirm your order and your delivery.

If you are waiting for your client to confirm the job, you can browse our storefront and add items to your cart to see the costs, however the furniture will not be held for you. Basically, furniture isn’t held until you pay.

We love loyalty, the more you come back, the more we reward!

At the end of the day, we’re human – if you have a question or want to chat, feel free to give us a call.

Things to KnowBefore You Hire


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