We know you secretly want to have a go at house styling! Whether it be because of convenience, budget, or just a desire to do it yourself, we’ve setup a furniture hire system that allows you to hire just the pieces you need or an entire house.

The beauty of it is, that you can hire the furniture from the comfort of your home, and have it delivered and placed by our removalists, ready for your sales campaign.


Process for Home Owners

Whether it be because of convenience, budget, or just a desire to do it yourself, to hire, its simple.  Please refer to our “Before You Hire Guide”, literally before you click hire, for all those questions you might be pondering!

STEP 02.

Select your

campaign dates

STEP 03.

Start shopping – add items to your hire cart

STEP 04.


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Finalising Your Order

We’ll contact you within 24 business hours to introduce ourselves and confirm we have received your booking. We’ll confirm the delivery dates with you (of course these are subject to our availability) and send you an invoice for the balance of the order plus the insurance fee.

We must emphasise that your delivery dates and order are not held until you have made full payment of the invoice – sorry, it’s the only fair way, so please don’t leave paying until the last minute!

Things to KnowBefore You Hire


If you want to do it yourself,but need a helping hand

Consultation with a Stylist

Basically we will come to your property, and walk you through our suggestions of the pieces you need. We will then sit with you and our ipad for an hour, and help guide you with the pieces that would work for your home.

We’ll charge you $250 (plus GST) for our knowledge, time and industry experience.

Stylist on Day of Install

If you are comfortable in selecting the pieces yourself, but need a stylist on the day of install to do the furniture placement or bring together the overall look, you can hire a stylist for the install day . The cost for our stylist starts at $500 (plus GST ). Our stylist will then attend on install day and do they furniture placement (yes, the correct positioning of the floor rug and artwork is “stylist science”!). As a thank you for entrusting us, we’ll bring you fresh flowers on the day for your photography.

Art Installation

3. If you’ve hired artwork (which we suggest you do – it really brings a look together), you may need an art hanger. We have worked with Pete – Hook, Line & Picture and Shane from The Home Improvement Company for years, and they are quite simply amazing! They takes all the stress out of hanging the artwork. A side note – unless you’re a professional, hanging pairs is never easy!

You don’t need to add them to your cart, as you can pay them directly. Simply give one of them a call and they can provide you with their rates etc. Feel free to mention you’re a client of Hiphouse!

At the end of the day, we’re human –
if you have a question or want to chat, feel free to give us a call

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